Appendix Article 4


Autonomous and Independence

Of the Priories


All the Priories under IOSJ (Imperial Order of St. John Knights of Malta)

Are Autonomous and Independent.

It is not an obligation for existing Priories to follow structure in this constitution here, but suggested to try to align it to be similar.

All Existing Priories that may choose to go under IOSJ will be evaluated byt

the International Council in corporation with the Protector and the SGM


  • All the Priories have a mutual contract between them and: International Head Council

        (SGM-The protector and the Royal Imperial house).


  • All Priories are not under dictatorship from International Head Council, they are independent and work without interference as long they follow the signed constitution.


  • All Projects brought into reality must be approved from both the Grand Prior and the International Head Council.


  • All Priories are free to decide what to do and how to spend the Priory income, as long it is not going against the constitution.


  • All Knights and Dames are selected by each priory itself, as long they stand in for them towards the International Council.


  • All Priories are obligated and responsible for electing their own Country/Priory Council, it is not on the table at the International Head Council, as long a list of names and positions are presented for transparency.


  • All Priories must be able to present Account statement to the International Head Council at any given time and request, as long it comes from SGM or Protector.


  • The Agreement between International Council Head Quarter and the single Autonomous Priory are made for unity, transparency and mutual beneficial Corporation and support, not to dictate from down and up, nor from up and down.

  • An Existing Priory can choose to be only under Royal & Imperial House Rurikovich Protection without being obligated to be under Imperial Order of St. John Knights of Malta.

  • A Priory that is NOT under IOSJ Knights of Malta are also not able to apply for funds for projects from the International Council, But is still considered an Allied under the Royal Imperial House of Rurikovich