The Imperial Order of St. John Knights of Malta



On This day we would like to Honour and congratulate


HRH Patrick Camille Makosso Ngoma Jouvam

With his recent elections and appointment as:

Honorary Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Forum of Traditional Kings and Chiefs of Africa.


This decision gives it full power to contact all political and administrative authorities or all people and institutions wishing to help the Forum of Kings and Traditional Chiefs of Africa in its organization as well as in the accomplishment of the tasks which will be retained in the program of activities of:

Mr. Patrick Camille MAKOSSO-NGOMA-JOUVAM during his mandate.


Very reassured and convinced of the capacity of the person concerned to act and by the extent of his contacts, and hoping to obtain by all legal means, investment capital which will allow the development of

our fifty-four Kingdoms.

We In the Imperial Order of St. John are very Proud of this appointment of Our dear Brother.



This day Our International Council SGM participated and had a meeting with the future financial perspective for and on behalf of the Order IOSJ.

His Highness Sheikh Saud bin Faisal al Qasmi Sharjah

ruler of The  Family He is a former banker and his father is the founder

of United Arab Bank (UAB).
He has his own gold refinery in Sharjah

The International Council Superior Grandmaster HRH Brother Patrick held a long meeting with the Sheik in where it was discussed how the financial structure for the future could be secured best,

both for humanity as well for the Order.

It was agreed in Corporation with both Brother Patrick and Brother Zoran that there was good strong fundament from both sides to build on, and the negotiation will continue as well the corporation for mutual benefit for both the Sheik as the Order.



Today we are sad to announce and denounce relationship with several Priories as well as officers and High Officers of the Order, this is done due to lack of following the constitution of the Order as well as lack of interest in the Orders well being, the Order requires members that think about what they can do, instead of members there are waiting the Order to tell them what where and when to do.



Meeting with the Grand Priory of IOSJ Bulgaria.

The Meeting with the Order Priory in Bulgaria brought many deligthfull memories as well as enlightment towards how things could be done more smoothly in the dayli rutines as well the investiture of the Order.

The Grand Master/Prior Ivan Ganzhev and his trusted council acted both proffessional as they did structurel, doing the Council meeting there was presented books of the year past and plans of the year to come.

Bulgaria shares much history with Russia, and represents a significant part of Europe's growth. We often underestimate the solidity of the pillars on which it rests, which becomes obvious when we take the time to observe and listen to all the brothers and sisters of the Priory.



After reinstating Imperial Order of St. John

We have received several Brother Priories that used to belong to OSJ Knights of Malta, but decided to become Autonomus, we are Honoured to share protector and brotherhood with these Priories that have same noble virtues like we do.