Article 11

Honouree Awarded Members


Honour Members and Knights, are for the non-Christian participants,

who shares the Visions for the Order.

This can be awarded in 3 degrees.

With 3rd degree as lowest symbolized with one beige star on ID and documents.



Article 12



Because this institution is a Chivalric Order, the Order must work and carry out its obligations according to the laws of chivalry found in Article 14 of this constitution.

Members of the Order must act with chivalry, etiquette, gallantry and honor.




Article 13



One of the Order's most important functions is the spreading of peace around the world. Members of the Order must carry out their everyday life as Peacekeepers and must do everything in their power and capability to achieve world peace.


The Order defines itself as an Army of Peace, using love and understanding as weapons to achieve global cooperation. Violence may only be used in defense when under attack or when there are no other possible means of conflict resolution.



Article 14



Poverty is one of the reasons for the lack of peace.

Therefore, the members of the Order must do and conduct everything possible to help the needy, poor and weak.