Article 15

Social Improvement


The Orders members must carry out actions that can contribute to the improvement of human society.

Therefore, it should support cultural, scientific, and moral activities without entirely resting upon traditions, or traditions that prevent growth or development and tolerance of individuals or the whole.




Clergy of The Imperial Order of St. John Knights of Malta shall thereby Sanctify Marriages between consenting adults regardless of sexual orientation or gender and honor the cultural beliefs including polygamy of other religions and cultures, where those cultures are mutually respectful, if they are of good character, and productive citizens of humanity forming or having formed those unions in good faith, love, respectfulness, and reverence to God.



Let it be further known that the original “Orders of Christ” sanctified both same sex unions and Polygamous unions until 340 A.D. Thereby it is deemed it was not the Original Teaching of Christ to either forbid or judge against such unions.


It is stated clearly however those members of the Royal and Imperial House of Rurikovich the Imperial Chivalric Order of Rurikovich and The Imperial Order of St. John Knights of Malta adhere to the laws of the country or nation that he or she resides in.


Sanctification is of a Spiritual nature, and although sanctified by the Order, the state may not recognize these unions.

Members of the Order are permitted to take legal recourse for changes of such laws, but are commanded to do so non-violently, respectfully, and legally.


All House and Order related issues shall be hereafter addressed in the Constitution.

Section B decrees of Constitution,

Of The Royal and Imperial House of Rurikovich, New Canon Laws, Synod Laws, and Religious and Ritual decrees.



Article 16

Defence of the Weak


As members are subject to the principles of chivalry, it is important to defend those who have been wronged, abused, rejected, shunned, and/or persecuted.