Article 9


The Imperial Order of St. John Knights of Malta 



Superior Grand Master  (HI&RH the SGM)


  • 1. There can only be one person holding this rank; only the Sovereign HI&RH the Bloodlines in        Rurikovich may hold this rank unless decreed otherwise.




International Council Grand Masters (ICGM)


  • 1. Only the members who have given the Order exceptional service may be included in this             Class. 
  • 2. This rank can only be obtained by 12 people/members. (Plus, the 13th warrior) 
  • 3. The ICGM are marked with 3 red stars on ID.




  International Council Masters (ICM)


  • 1. This rank will be given to members who have demonstrated great leadership and service. 
  • 2. This Rank can only be hold by 28 people/members 
  • 3. The ICM are marked with 2 red stars on ID.





 International Council Commanders (ICC)


  • 1. This rank will be given to those who hold the rank of an officer in priories or the                          International Council.  
  • 2. This rank can only be hold by 42 people/members.                                            
  • 3. The ICC are marked with 1 red star on ID.