Article 17

Revised Laws of Chivalry



Thou shalt swear allegiance


Thou shalt swear allegiance to, and defend the Superior Grand Master his being, personage and his dynastic decree; and the House behind him this is a dynastic Order of chivalry.


  • 1. Because this Order is a chivalric dynastic Order, all members will pledge allegiance to His Imperial Royal Highness Hans Maximus Cabrera Lochaber Rurikovich and Give Glory to God The Imperial Order of St. John Knights of Malta and HI&RH the Superior Grand Master and demonstrate themselves Honorable when representing HI&RH the Superior Grand Master, the Royal and Imperial House of Rurikovich, the Imperial Chivalric Order of Rurikovich or the Imperial Order of St. John Knights of Malta.



Thou shalt defend thy belief in God.


  • 1. The Order respects all faiths and creeds because the Order believes that the aims of all religions are to unite the people in their belief and unity will, in the future, give way to peace and harmony.


  • 2. However, those causing war, violence, or unprovoked attack/attacks against an individual or nation in the name of GOD shalt be defended against.


  • 3. Indeed HI&RH the Superior Grand Master deems Muslims, Jews, and every one of all faiths Christian[s] if by virtue they demonstrate the Characteristics of Mercy, Compassion, Tolerance, Understanding, and Love.                                                                                                               And, above all else, respect of other Cultures and Religions.

        These can only become honorable members.


  • 4. Indeed HI&RH the Superior Grand Master Deems that affirmed Satanists or Pagans who demonstrates these virtues is essentially more Christian then affirmed Christian who demonstrates violence, lack of mercy or intolerance.  "You know a tree by the fruit it bares" not the label put on it.


Thou shalt respect all weaknesses


  • 1. Thou shalt respect all weaknesses, and shalt constitute thyself the defender of them.


  • 2. The members of the Order must defend the weak and the oppressed.




Thou shall be mercy full


  • 1. Thou shalt only when attacked make war against the enemy without cessation, and without mercy in defense, but shall be merciful in victory as to heal the fallen enemy and re-educate.


  • 2. The Order must never stop attempting to fulfill its missions.




Thou shalt perform


  • 1. Thou shall perform scrupulously, thy duties to HI&RH the superior Grand master, the Imperial House of Rurikovich, Imperial Chivalric Order of Rurikovich and The Imperial Order of St. John Knights of Malta and its members.


  • 2. Members of the Order must not forget their duties to God, the World, Humanity and the Order.







Thou shalt remain faithful


  • 1. Thou shalt remain faithful to thy pledged word.


  • 2. When one promises, they must strive and do all they can to fulfill it.




Thou shalt be generous


  • 1. To others of your time and service, when possible financial benefactor to individuals, groups, schools, and other social causes. 


  • 2. You are cautioned to not overextend as to end up in dire financial distress. This only adds to the problem.